14. Apr, 2019

2019 - whats new

I removed the tea making stuff from the big bedroom upstairs as it wasn't being used. We have a brand new oven and grill after our old one (which wasn't that old) failed at Christmas. I will be replacing a lot of the kitchen equipment this year as well as the shower heads plus loads of other stuff. We'll be there quite a lot this year and are looking forward to our visit in 3 weeks time.

4. Aug, 2018

NEW for 2019 - Pay by installments

From January 2019 I am offering a 'pay by installments options. Either 4 equal payments (after the initial deposit) or monthly payments up until 8 weeks before departure. This option won't be available for late bookings (within 8 weeks of departure). Just let me know at the initial enquiry or point of actual booking

29. Jul, 2018

Summer Update

We haven't managed to get to Coll since March but news is that the weather has been FABULOUS !

I've had reports of some minor breakage at the house (crockery and glasses) so we will be bringing some replacements when we come up in September. I also heard that the key safe at the back door is broken and we'll be replacing that with a new one.

With all of the sun, I have no idea what the garden will be like but expect it has a 'natural' look!!

Have had some fantastically positive comments about the house this year which is great and, guests- don't forget to write in our guest book.

23. Mar, 2018

Spring Update

Just finished a mammoth spring cleaning exercise - house looks amazing! We've had to unfortunately remove the Telescope from the upstairs bedroom as it was damaged but the mini telescope is still here. We've just had a water meter installed and with that in mind, I will be increasing the house rental price very slightly from 2019 - we've not had a price rise in 5 years so it isn't bad. We are looking forward to a busy year at Suil Na Mara and hope all of our guests enjoy the house as much as we do.

8. Jan, 2017


Well, for the third time we have problem with the septic tank pump following people staying at the house. I have notices throughout and send extra paperwork to renters regarding this and still, people don't take due care.
Because we don't want ANY fat to go down the kitchen sink, it means that if you've cooked an oily or greasy meal - you need to get rid of most of it by wiping with paper towels which can go in the bin (or in the woodburner if you like). I don't know what else to do make renters constantly aware of what goes into the sink and loo. My last recourse may be to take a refundable deposit which is returned after the renters have left and assuming no problems. The pump alarm will sound if there is a problem but each time this happens, I have to pay someone to put it right. Its just a case of thinking about EVERYTHING that goes down the sink, in a way you wouldn't have to at home.

30. Jul, 2016

I had planned to increase my prices for 2017, taking into account the recently added WiFi and inflation. However, due to the uncertainty surrounding BREXIT, I am leaving my prices as they are for now to see how things go.

25. Jun, 2016

The house now finally has WiFi and the code is readily available for all. The Multi-Fuel stove is now installed and working fine.

The garden is turning into the lovely machair/meadow which we wanted it to be and later this year we will be looking to replace all of the fences.

25. Jun, 2016

Tea making facilities for upstairs Bedroom/Dayroom

Because the upstairs has such fabulous views, we've added a kettle and mugs so that people can sit upstairs and enjoy a cuppa whilst taking in far reaching views of Mull, Lunga and the Treshnish Isles.